Dr. Earl Mindell’s Nutrition Bible
Book Synopsis

Confused about nutrition? From the renowned nutritionist and author of Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Biblecomes a complete, in-depth explanation of how to eat and be healthy without ever going on a diet. As Dr. Mindell says, “If diets worked, obesity wouldn’t be the number one health problem in our country.” The Nutrition Bible is about learning how to work with your own miraculous body to maintain optimal health and energy through healthy eating. Dr. Mindell analyzes (and in some cases debunks) the science behind popular fad diets in a book packed with the latest information on nutrition and exercise, tips that will help you toward all-around good health, not just weight loss.

The Nutrition Bible shows how simple lifestyle changes can help you ramp up energy and drop pounds. It is a safe, effective guide to understanding your own body, your digestion, and how you interact with food.